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Vitthaldas Samaldas

Gen 4 - 1846-1915 CE (69 years)

The eldest son of Samaldas, Vitthaldas as Diwan was another able administrator and introduced some key reforms as well. His retirement brought an end to the 4th generation of Diwans in the State of Bhavnagar that started with Ranchhoddas.

  • Educated at Bhavnagar, and a scholar of English Literature and Mathematics

  • Began working as an assistant to his father Samaldas along with Samaldas' maternal uncle, Gauriashankar Oza (Diwan) 

  • Rose from the Political Department to Judge to Revenue Commissioner to Diwan of Bhavnagar State

  • Member of the management committee of Rajkumar College, Rajkot

  • Helped establish the Land Revenue Code that saved farmers from the clutches of money-lenders

  • His new house when built in Bhavnagar got the area to be renamed as "Diwanpara" Road

  • Built the Vitthaleshwar Mahadev Temple for travelling sanyasis

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