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Jayant Jyotendra Mehta

Gen 6 - 1916-96 (80 years)

Jayant was the eldest son of Jyotendra and Madhurika (Vasu). Popularly known as JJ Mehta in business circles, he was a multi-talented person just like his father. 

  • Studied at Bharda New High School, Bombay and graduated in Chemistry from the Royal Institute of Science, Bombay

  • One of the youngest in India to hold a pilot's license (at the age of 17)

  • Completed his Masters in Chemical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston (1939)

  • Built the National Rayon factory at Kalyan (1946)
  • Founder Chairman & MD of Indian Petrochemical Corporation Limited IPCL (1967-74)
    In 1967, he was invited by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to start a petrochemical factory
     in Baroda - the first industrial "mega" project in the country

  • Member of the board of governors of IIM Ahmedabad (1969-74)

  • Founder CMD of Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd. GACL and Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd GSFC (Polymer Unit), and ABS Industries (1974-83)

  • Had a commendable grasp of tennis and billiards, enjoyed doing carpentry, and was an enthusiast of sky-watching and astronomy

  • The brainchild behind Sardar Patel Planetarium in Baroda

Tribute to JJ Mehta by Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh

Tribute letter for JJ Mehta
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