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Ranchhoddas Gabaldas

Gen 1 - 1723-96 CE (73 years)

A descendant of Shivdas - a warrior in the Mughal Empire, the family information in the Lallubhai Samaldas lineage begins with Ranchhoddas, a member of the Vadnagara Nagar community.

Given below are a few highlights covered from his life journey... moving on to the next of kin.

  • Born in Ghogha (a port town and trading centre in Saurashtra since 5th century CE)

  • Served under Damaji Rao II, son of Pilaji Rao Gaekwad (founder of Baroda State)

  • Appointed as chief of Arab forces in the State. Then rose to be chief advisor of Damaji

  • Later on, as Chief Karbhari (minister) helped Maharaja Wakhtsinhji of Bhavnagar to build and develop trade in that state

  • Started a local bank at Ghogha and Bhavnagar

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