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Parmananddas Ranchhoddas

Gen 2 - 1794-1850 CE (56 years)

Born to Rajuba, second wife of Ranchhoddas, Parmananddas was born at Ghogha as well. As Diwan, he handled the State of Bhavnagar in the most able manner.

  • A doyen of Persian and Sanskrit languages

  • Appointed Diwan of Bhavnagar by Maharaja Wajehsinhji

  • Revitalised commerce through the port of Bhavnagar using management methods

  • Rebuilt the State's economy, which was in very poor financial condition due to a terrible famine, mismanagement by the Peshwas and other factors

  • Made persuasive proposals to the Bombay Government to restore civil and criminal jurisdiction in Bhavnagar

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