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This is a very short summary (highlights) of some significant contributions and achievements made by the men of this family, complied from published materials and references as given in the above bibliography. Later at some point in time, it will be published as a collection of 50 short stories (1923 CE onwards).

The utmost care in referencing the data on this website has been taken. However, if any errors have still crept in, I apologise for the same and would request the readers to point them out over email.

We hope that future generations will take forward some of the family’s intrinsic values and contribute to society and India in their own progressive ways. That common thread that runs in this family:

“Work hard. Innovate. Serve selflessly.”

- Aditya Mehta (compiler)

BIG Thank YoU

  • The biographers – Harilal Savailal, Aparna Basu and other researchers, and all their publishers

  • Rajendraprasad Narla, Director, Tata Central Archives, Pune

  • Dr. Hema Yadav (Director) and Smt. Jyotsna Dhavale (VAMNICOM, Pune)

  • Mukund Malagi for the idea to compile stories of the Lallubhai Samaldas family

  • Deepto Roy for his creative inputs and guidance for making of the website and book

  • Parag Kamani for overall guidance on publishing, content, etc.

  • To all the family members who gave their invaluable inputs, anecdotes and stories

  • And lastly to my father, Nikhil Mehta, who scanned and labelled thousands of photos and then published the first edition of Sir Lallubhai Samaldas' biography (2013)

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