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Title: Samaldas Parmananddas
Author: Harilal Savailal

Publisher: Nabu Press

ISBN: 1-246-10739-2

Year: 1912

Samaldas Parmananddas.jpg
Title: Sir Lallubhai Samaldas - A Potrait
Author: Aparna Basu 
Publisher: National Book Trust, New Delhi
ISBN: 81-237-7624-1
Year: 2015 (second edition)
Sir Lallubhai.jpg
Title: My Impressions of Japan
Author: Sir Lallubhai Samaldas
Publisher: D. B. Taraporevala Sons & Co., Bombay
Year: 1933
Impressions of Japan.jpg
Title: G.L.Mehta - a many splendoured man
Author: Aparna Basu 
Publisher: Concept Publishing Co., New Delhi
ISBN: 81-702-2891-3
Year: 2001
G L Mehta.jpg
Title: Planning And Freedom And Pattern of India's Economy
Author: G.L. Mehta
Publisher: M. S. University, Baroda
Item Code: UAQ352
Year: 1961
India's Economy.jpg
Title: Ten Men. Six Generations. One India.
Compiled by: Aditya Nikhil Mehta
Year: 2023
10 Men.jpg
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