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Sumati Lallubhai Mehta

Gen 5 - 1889-1911 (22 years)

Sumati was the second daughter of Lallubhai and Satyavati. And is still known for her literary works in Gujarati. Tuberculosis snatched her away at an early age, just like her sister Jubilee. Many in those years knew of Lallubhai as Sumati's father.

  • Learnt Sanskrit and English under the tutelage of her father and younger brother, Vaikunth

  • A favourite child of Shri Gopal Krishna Gokhale, the political guru of Mahatma Gandhi

  • Translated “Doll's House” into Gujarati, and dedicated it to her father's close friend, Burjorji J. Padshah (the most trusted lieutenant of Shri Jamsetji N. Tata)

  • From the age 16 till 21: 

- adapted four plays of Henrik Isben into Gujarati

- wrote 6 novels, 2 plays and several poems​

  • A collection of her poems "Hriday Jharna" (Springs from the heart), dedicated to her three brothers (fondly called Batukram, Khanderao and Gagandas), was published posthumously

Lallubhai's children (1907)
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