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This website is a compilation of some significant events in the lives of six generations of the Lallubhai Samaldas family (3 generations up and 2 generations down; 1723 CE onwards) whose efforts, reforms and undertakings played an important role in laying the foundations of independent India.

Our history books have ignored many such individuals who have silently contributed to shaping our country over centuries, as in this family's case. We often readily credit the British for everything good that came about. However, there are untold efforts of dedicated people on whose shoulders Indian institutions and industries stand today. Building and sustaining organisations for generations is indeed a herculean task, which this family undertook. And did everything they did for the Nation only.

“Startup” founders such as Lallubhai used their own means to envisage and help develop industries across various sectors, challenging the British via “Swadeshi” economic nationalism route, and not by protesting or by remaining silent. At the same time, it is incumbent upon us to acknowledge that other co-founders, successive officers at the helm, the employees, and all stakeholders along with various Government reforms have made nonesuch contributions in shaping these organizations since their inception, and making them what they are today.

A list of some active startups that members of the Lallubhai Samaldas family are associated with:

Some educational institutions with which the family is associated are:

Other significant contributions made by this family across generations:

  • Establishing various statutory and administrative reforms in the erstwhile Bhavnagar State (now in Gujarat) during four generations as Diwans (Chief Ministers). For them, India meant the princely state which they served. Incidentally in 1948, Bhavnagar became the first state to join the Indian Union

  • Pioneering the co-operative movement in India

  • Establishing the nation’s first cement-making factory in Porbandar, and the first shipping company in Bombay

  • Laying down the foundation of banking systems in India

  • Drafting the nation’s constitution and the first national planning commission

  • Pioneering work in the field of petrochemicals, audio industry, and other notable contributions to various sectors


Such contributions and many others, were a one-nation vision of various members across several generations in this lineage. Their inspiring journeys and achievements deserve to be told, read and shared widely.


What makes them extra special?

None of the founders of these companies and institutions have left behind any shares, or assets, for their own descendants. Nor have some of their significant and game-changing contributions been covered in our history lessons. These individuals did prefer to remain behind-the-scene while going about their duty to build an economically strong nation, in a truly self-effacing manner.

All the women in the family across these generations were highly educated as well, and have made immense contributions in Gujarati arts and literature as writers, translators, and more. Their journeys deserve a separate account. The present generation in this lineage is also making a mark in areas such as science, education and others.

You can begin browsing this website by first reading a brief history of the States of Baroda, Bhavnagar and of the Vadnagara Nagar community (to which they belong), followed by browsing the key highlights.


In this age of instant gratification and information overload, most of us lack the time to read biographies. However, interesting stories and events illuminate our minds. Rather than just remembering the years of their births and deaths, or the businesses they founded, it is better to learn from their actions that demonstrate character and acumen.


This website shares with you brief achievements and contributions made to building India by this family across six generations. The stories begin from 1723 CE.

Every page on this website reveals lesser known, but amazing facts, and much more... Happy browsing

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