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Lallubhai Samaldas

Gen 4 - 1863-1936 CE (73 years)

The second son of Samaldas, Tribhuvandas, was born at Bhavnagar. This website is a tribute to his contributions towards making of India in several known, and unknown ways. 
He continued to be known with his home name "Lallubhai" (pronounced Lalubhai) all his life.

  • Following matriculation from Bhavnagar, attended Elphinstone College in Bombay 

  • At the age of 18, began as Revenue Commissioner in the State (elder brother Vithhaldas was Diwan)

  • During this tenure, Lallubhai helped start Bhavnagar Electricity Company, and introduced several administrative and revenue reforms in the State

  • At the age of 36, he moved with bag and baggage to Bombay (1900 CE)

  • One of the first owners of a car and a telephone in Bombay

  • Member of the Legislative Council of the Bombay Government

  • At Shri Gopalkrishna Gokhale’s request, introduced Shri Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi to the Government and business circles in Bombay

  • Co-founded India's first co-operative bank to help farmers (Bombay  Provincial Co-operative Bank in 1911 CE)

  • Co-founded India’s first Indian-owned cement plant (in 1913 CE at Porbandar),  the first Indian shipping company (Scindia Steam in 1919 at Bombay), and the first Indian sugar factory (Nuva Valley Sugar Company in 1921 at Baramati)

  • Co-founded Bank of India (1906) and then Bank of Baroda (1908) (Chairman BoB 1921-35)

  • Director for life in Tata Steel, Tata Hydro, Advance Mills

  • Pioneer of the Life Insurance sector in India (1906)

  • Co-founder of Indian Merchants' Chamber, Bombay (1907)

  • Co-founded Sydenham College, Bombay (1913)

  • Named several times in Gandhiji's autobiography (1925)

  • Knighted by King George V at the Buckingham Palace, London (1926)

  • Founder President of NCUI (National Cooperative Union of India), Delhi (1929)

  • Honorary Secretary of Seva Sadan (Bombay) for life

  • Remembered as the “Father of the Co-operative Banking in India

  • The Lallubhai Park area in Andheri West, Bombay has been named in his honour

NCUI plaque to its first President and Pioneer of the Co-operative Movement in India

NCUI plaque for Lallubhai Samaldas
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